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About Adipex (generic phentermine)

The generic name for Adipex is phentermine. Adipex is an appetite suppressant that is prescribed for the people who suffer from obesity. The medication should be used for short-term treatment only. A person using Adipex (generic phentermine) is able to control hunger better. The medication is pretty effective, but only on condition if it is combined with other methods to loss extra weight, like dieting and exercising.

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Although it is possible to lose weight faster and more effectively if this medication is used, it should be used by the patients who due to obesity are under the risk of getting severe health problems, like high blood pressure, diabetes and others.

The medication can be prescribed in different dosage, but most often the doses of 18.75mg and 37.5mg are prescribed. The medication is sold in the form of diet pills of 37.5mg each. The medication should be taken one time a day.

As all medications, Adipex (generic phentermine) may cause a range of side effects, including hyperactivity, unpleasant taste, restlessness and others. In case, if you experience some side effects, you should call your doctor.

Before being prescribed with Adipex (generic phentermine), you should also tell your doctor the comprehensive information on your health condition, because in some cases the use of this medication is not desirable.

Extra weight and obesity problems

Within past decades the number of overweight and obese people has increased significantly. There are many reasons for that and one of them is eating unhealthy foods and leading sedentary lifestyle. In order to lose some weight people should adjust their eating habits and do some exercises regularly. Even regular walking is a great way not only to losing some extra weigh but also to improving cardio-vascular system.

The problems of weight loss are such major all over the world that the educational programs for children include topics on healthy eating. Lots of the products and goods for weight lose are available today as well as lots of fitness centers have been opened in order to help people to treat this condition.

Unfortunately, although obesity problem does not occur suddenly, many people miss the right moment and find themselves to be not only overweight but obese.

If a body has too much of fat stored, then this may lead to bad consequences for health and this is why other methods for weight loss treatment can be used. One of such methods is using medications, like Adipex (generic phentermine).

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