How can you determine if you need to gain some weight loss?

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You probably understand that today's world promotes slim body and healthy lifestyle. Clearly, many people wish to be beautiful and healthy. However, extra kilograms are not something that you may fight easily and within a short period of time. There are many countries around the world, including the USA, having this problem and aiming to overcome it. According to statistic information that you can find on the Internet, we have now more people overweight then we used to have. There are many different reasons for why people start on thinking of how to lose some weight. We here are not talking about the cases, when somebody aims to achieve world beauty standards, but we are talking about the cases when extra weight grows and becomes obesity.

First of all, you should understand if you have some extra fat. To have fat in body is vital, and there is no need to blindly follow contemporary fashion trend by all means. You can carry some extra weight in your body and stay happy. If you want to make sure that your body is in a normal condition, we would recommend you to check your weight by calculating Body Mass Index.

There is a formula used for determining the right weight for somebody. Body Mass Index can be used to find out whether you have normal weight or you should lose some extra kilograms.


If your BMI is in between 19.1 (if you are a woman) and 20.7 (of you are a man) and 25, then you have the right weight. If your BMI is somewhere in between 25 and 29.9, then you face overweight problem. Eventually, if you your BMI is equal to 30 or even more, then you are obese.

The normal weight is not only about being beautiful, but it, in the first instance, is about being healthy. It is not a discovery, that overweight and obese people meet lots of health problems. If you want to prevent any bad consequences that you may come up with due to extra weight, it is strongly recommended to think of losing some extra weight.